Watch & Listen: Visible Cloaks - Lex / Permutate Lex

Watch & Listen: Visible Cloaks - Lex / Permutate Lex


October 12, 2017

Visible Cloaks follow their Reassemblage with the utopic world of Lex. The six pieces comprising Lex simulate a more peaceful future, their mysteries telling a new tale in an unknown but imaginable melodic language.

The sound represented on Lex is webbed with delicate arrangements and interpolated by the sounds of alien speech. These strange and serene utterances were created by Spencer Doran, one part of Visible Cloaks alongside Ryan Carlile, feeding a chain of multiple dialects and accents through a language translation software to create an auditory poetry of an evolved place and time.

Permutate Lex, a companion short film to both Reassemblage and Lex made by Visible Cloaks in collaboration with artist Brenna Murphy (who also created the artwork for Reassemblage and several virtualist videos for the album) is an integral counterpart, both visualizing an aesthetic alive with human form and guiding the sonic experience with contortions of shards from Reassemblage and Lex, linking all three works.

Permutate Lex is an abstract representation of a distant future where all languages that once existed have dissolved into a single synthesized communication stream. These beings’ speech and actions trigger odd but uncertain familiarity from our present vantage point, existing more as untethered, non-linear science fiction.

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