BABAU - aka the boogeyman or "black man" in Italian folklore - is a young Italian project led by Luigi Monteanni and Matteo Pennesi.

The project started as a reinterpretation of the post-War american cheesy sounds and later evolved in an alien and dystopian exotica with elements of psychedelia, dub and Indonesian music.

After the release of Papalagi, the duo (who became a trio with the introduction of Edoardo Grisogani at the percussions) started playing all around Italy and abroad opening to acts like Sun Araw, Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa, Baba Commandant & the Mandingo band, Uzeda and many others.

They recently appeared on the compilation Interdimensional Folklore vol.1 released on vinyl and they run the DIY tape label Artetetra which features mostly fifth-world and weird exotic music ranging from psych rock (Ak’chamel, Lay Llamas, Tetuan) to acousmatic sounds (Kink Gong, Moon Ra).

´So far, Exotica listeners have listened to records to escape from reality. Papalagi, however, reverses this kind of escapism by torturing the listener with its uneasy yet imaginative architecture. Don't you dare escaping into the world of Papalagi! You better take flight from this luring-recalcitrant tape if you can!´