Christian Jakob (aka F#x, Hamburg) and Nicolas Sheikholeslami (aka Çaykh, Berlin) are Circuit Diagram, a kraut-jam drums & electronica duo producing dark and groovy, polyrhythmic synth-meditation for the last six years.

Derya Yıldırım’s hypnotizing saz and vocals lead Grup Şimşek, an outernetional group perfectly embodying 70s Anatolian psych-folk.

In the summer of 2015, an interdisciplinary festival was curated in Hamburg by Sebastian Reier, the volatile musical anthropologist known as Booty Carrell. The latter was wise to envision the synergy between the pulsing explorations of Circuit Diagram and Yildirim's haunting style and sensitive execution. Following several live gigs, the newly formed Circuit Deryagram traveled to the German countryside. They took up fortress in an eccentric studio known as Studio Strom - the double-meaning German word well-suited for the simultaneous racing 'electricity' and horse-grade tranquillising 'flow' of their sound. Recorded and mixed on vintage broadcasting equipment from beyond time, their two-track Strom session is due to be released in 2017. Expect mind-melting repetitive groove-drones with sonic precision and shiver-inducing twists, as heavy-yet-playful arpeggios relentlessly entertain the layers between mysterious pads, cleverly effect-laden saz licks and harmoniously penetrating drumming and some highly processed singing. Strom's deeply ritualistic intentions are communicated within the trio's subtle melodies and shifts, as they're caught repetitively descending into the labyrinths of two patiently immersive, killer tracks. Set for their live performance, you may lie flat on the floor or drift into the unconscious dances fit for an authentic kraut-out psychedelica session -- either way, this band is going to freak you far and wide.