Kӣr is the solo production epithet of Bane Jovančević, resident DJ and program manager of Belgrade’s hallowed halls of techno, Drug§tore.

Bane’s DJ sets incorporate a wide range of influences to travel far off beaten paths drawing in influences from techno to new wave, incorporating power electronics, obscure ambient, folk music, twisted echoes found lost deep in wormholes and whatever else it takes to get you feeling thoroughly unsettled, lost and disorientated whilst working up a sweat.

Kӣr takes all this and pushes it farther using hardware, live. Its visceral music, embracing drone, repetition, rippling soundscapes and obscure sonic horizons, sailing confidently where many others dare not venture. Shaman music, drum led hypnosis.

This is music from the other world coming to take you home. Bane performed at festivals such as Exit, Flow, 4GB, Artmospheric, Mad in Belgrade, Zdravo Mladi etc., and was a guest at numerous clubs throughout Europe (Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Athens, Warsaw, Buchares, Sofia,... ).