Florin Stoian (born 1 October, 1979, Bucharest), better known by his stage name of Florin Salam and previously Florin Fermecătorul, is a Roma manele singer from Romania. Stoian was born into a family of fiddlers. During his adolescence, he sang together with his father and uncle's ensembles.

After his father got too old to sing, Stoian took his place, singing with his uncle under the name of Florin Fermecătorul. Thus, he became a singer highly appreciated by connoisseurs of the genre. In the meantime, Stoian befriended bandleader Dan Bursuc. He helped Stoian to record his first single, called "Ce gagică șmecherită" (English: Such a picky chick), in 2002. He played an important part when the smash hit "Of, viața mea" (English: Oh, my life) was released in 2000, sung by Adrian Minune and Costi Ioniță. At the end of 2002, Stoian changed his stage name from "Fermecătorul" (English: charming) to the Arabic "Salam" (English: peace, cf. Hebrew shalom). His first song was a great success, and for this reason he continued to record songs and market them with the help of Dan Bursuc. In this way he released his first album of manele which was surprisingly well-received by fans of the genre; the album sold more than 40,000 copies. Likewise, Costi Ioniță recorded one of his albums which enjoyed a high success, the album entitled "Doar cu tine" (English: Only with you).

Stoian is the vice-president of Asociația Artiștilor, Muzicanților și Lăutarilor Romi din România (English: The Association of Romani Artists, Musicians and Lăutari from Romania). In December 2005, he was announced as the best manele performer of the year.

A more accurate and updated biography will follow soon, in an interview with Florin Salam.