The legendary Turkish musician Okay Temiz will play for the first time ever in Romania at Outernational Days, with the Romanian pianist Harry Tavitian on Saturday, July 2 at Uranus Garden.

Okay Temiz will also do a percussion workshop on Sunday, July 3, at Uranus Garden. The workshop will be split in 3 reprises and will include a maximum of 25 participants in total. In order to subscribe to the workshop, please write an email to our staff at getintouch (at) the-attic (dot) net or use the CONTACT form.

Okay Temiz is an accomplished Turkish musician who plays all kinds of percussion instruments that he has either collected or crafted over the years in a style of his own and can skillfully transform even the simplest rhythms into a whole new set of sounds. He’s an extremely respected musician worldwide and one of Turkish most famous Jazz musicians, although his adventure with music broke many conventional boundaries throughout years.

Okay Temiz still continues his mission of spreading multi-cultural music to wider audiences through the uncountable experiences he has gained over the years. He is teaching