Saturday, July 2, in the Uranus Garden, starting 17.00, Vincent Moon in conversation with Rabih Beaini, hosted by Red Bull Music Academy's Aaron Gonsher.

The lecture will cover topics such as the themes of creation in the digital age, hybrids art forms going beyond genres, new avant-spiritual waves shaping art back as a healing and much more.


Vincent Moon is an independent French filmmaker and self-described sound explorer. Over the past ten years, he has traveled around the world, discovering and recording everything from Sufism in Chechnya and Ethiopia, Ayahuasca rituals in Peru, trance in Brazil, Jathilan in Indonesia and Len Dong in Vietnam.

*photo: Jérémie Bouillon

Rabih Beaini is a lone voice in electronic music and in the universe of haunted hardware harmonies. His own Morphine label is a sonically unpredictable temple and features a wide spectrum of musicians, from Senyawa to Pierre Bastien, from Charles Cohen to Pauline Oliveros, from Madteo to Container and to Hieroglyphic Being. Unfamiliar and unmissable, the Lebanese artist's productions sound as live and alive as anything he does in the club, truly making him in a class of one.