The Romanian festival Outernational Days launches an international crowd-funding campaign on the Indiegogo platform, in order to continue researching and discovering the various subcultures from all over the world. Outernational is a much wider and unexplored terrain, with a huge potential to expand.

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The first edition of Outernational Days festival took place between July 1-3 2016 and gathered a total of 3,000 participants during the three days of the festival, for both the locations: Uranus Garden (no. 144 Uranus St.) and Control Club (no. 4 Constantin Mille St.). The audience was very diverse, from teenagers to adults, from young students to parents who came with their children.

Your contributions will help Outernational Days become an annual summer festival, where everybody is welcome. Your donations will have a massive impact on the festival. Not only are you helping fund the artistic part of the festival for 2017, but also you are helping support live music for this year and years to come. Your donations help the organizers to keep the ticket prices affordable, so that everybody can enjoy live music and have a multicultural experience at affordable costs.

The second edition of Outernational Days wants to bring to Bucharest musicians from Morocco, Greece, Mali, Asia, Kenya, amongst other areas, to increase the number of female musicians playing on stage and to develop new ensembles of local musicians. Besides music, the festival wants to screen film documentaries and host more discursive events (lectures, panels, a/v installations).

Amongst the music projects that the festival wants to host in 2017 are Master Musicians of Jajouka, Sun Ra Arkestra, iNSANLAR, Meridian Brothers, Karkhana, Les Filles de Illighadad, James Holden live with band, Hailu Mergia and many others.

To show our appreciation we have some cool perks featured in the campaign, including the possibility to visit and meet Romanian musicians of oral tradition, in their own environment, tickets to future events and the second edition of the festival, specially designed T-shirts and bags, studio session with professional Romanian producers/musicians, posters, stickers and collectables, very limited cassette tapes, percussion and didgeridoo lessons in Bucharest and much more.