Uranus Garden
Uranus 144, București

A quiet place to relax in the center of Bucharest, with a lush garden, open during summer. The Uranus Garden (Gradina Uranus) hides one of the last standing water castles in Bucharest, engineered by Anghel Saligny and built sometime around the 1800s. The landmark survived massive demolition during the Communist period and multiple fires.

Uranus Garden manages to capture the true essence of Outernational and urban space in Bucharest, tempting through a combo of distinct elements. Although it is an open-air space in which the green color is queen, the garden is found in the center of the city, and a relaxed, cool atmosphere is created in the heart of chaos and unrest. Uranus Garden is a sheer oasis, around which everything gravitates with speed.

Control Club
Strada Constantin Mille 4, București

Control Club is one of the most active places in Bucharest, focused on alternative music, with a wide portfolio of over 2000 events with local and international bands and artists. The club is divided in two rooms (the main room and a smaller one) and an open terrace with garden.

Located right in the heart of Bucharest, under a charismatic bistro in an old ballroom, which used to be called Berlyn, Control Club has built an international reputation as one of Bucharest’s best underground music venues, thanks to its consistent bookings and professional approach.

Control Club has a diverse and constant attendance, which can stand as base for building an audience directly interested in the Outernational music. Most of the events that the club holds are sold out, with the help of a very efficient own communication platform, which brings extra value to the projects. The past six Outernational events were successful, hence the ability to attract an interested public and to explore deeper the Outernational domain. The past reference events were: Terakaft (Mali) on May 1st 2015, Hico Natsuaki (Japan) in November 2015, Insanlar (Turkey) in February 2016, Senyawa (Indonesia) in April 2016, Praed (Lebanon) in May 2016 and Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band (Thailand) in May 2016.