VA - American Noise / Volume One

VA - American Noise / Volume One

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December 2012

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Dragos Rusu


February 3, 2014

L.I.E.S. Records! Everyone is following it, everyone is listening to it, buying it, liking it, sharing it, eating it. But despite its huge popularity, this American record label comes out with an uncompromising huge offer of some of the weirdest electronics, philosophical ambient trance, moody Chicago house and much more bizarre electronic stuff that a normal audiophile can imagine; everything captured under the umbrella of an unique sound. American noise.

I saw Ron here in Bucharest at some point; he came together with Svengalisghost. Music was very diverse and electronically adventurous, pushing the sound further and further and beating the shit out of it. All true and devoted to the audio aesthetics, which is essential for the L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical System) label.

It’s been more than three years since Ron Morelli started L.I.E.S. in New York, and they already got almost 50 releases! Perhaps by the time I finish writing this, the number will have grown by at least two more. But one of the reasons LIES got so prolific in such a short time, is the existence of a full metal jacket gang, comprising more than 1o great electronic music composers. To name just a few, we can think of Legowelt, Steve Moore, Tom Hawk, Svengalisghost, Terekke, Professor Genius (also known as Jorge Velez), Beau Wanzer from Mutant Beat Dance, Jason Letkiewicz (also known as Steve Summers), Bookworms, Ron Morelli himself.

The attitude of the Dutch Bunker Records’ crew inspired Ron, when he decided to put out an electronic music record label. If you dig for tags, you may find great DJs such as I-f, Guy, Electronome, Unit Moebius, I-G, DJ Overdose, Novamen, Sendex, Alden Tyrell, and record labels as Viewlexx, Murder Capital, Acid Planet, Bunker, even the C-B-S.

This first volume of the CD compilation called ''American Noise'' states very concise the label’s musical statement and sound. As far as I’m concerned, I’m very happy to see such a big exposure of a sound that has been underrated for a lot of years, considered non-accessible, dirty and too underground.

Instead of bitching about how LIES got so hyped lately, I open a bottle of red wine that I just got from the cellar nearby, and enjoy this great 22 tracks package. A few personal choices might be Legowelt’s ‘Sark Island Acid’, both tracks from Tom Hawk, Steve Moore, Bonquiqui, the lush hypnotic sound from the mysterious project Jahiliyya Fields. But there’s much more. If you play music out, like pretending, or actually being a DJ, each track of the compilation may wink. Be careful, some of them are clock bombs. This is crime & lace.

Boom boom!


1. Jahiliyya Fields - Servant Garden
2. Steve Moore - Frigia
3. Marcos Cabral - 24 Hour Flight
4. Legowelt - Sark Island Acid
5. Terekke - Pf Pf Pass
6. Maxmillion Dunbar - Cassette Arabic
7. Bookworms - African Rhythms
8. Torn Hawk - Shock Tape
9. Two Dogs In A House - 5th Floor
10. Svengalisghost - Deep Into Memory
11. Vapauteen - Measure
12. Torn Hawk - This Is Crime & Lace
13. Bonquiqui - Sansovtime
14. Legowelt - Ferns From Draconis
15. Terekke - Asidis
16. Bookworms - 360 Waves
17. Unknown Artist - Journey I.
18. Delroy Edwards - Feelings
19. Xosar - Tropical Cruize (Delroy Edwards Remix)
20. Svengalisghost - Untitled
21. Marcos Cabral - Tio Rico
22. Professor Genius - Alamut
23. Beau Wanzer - Jail Lock

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