Steve Moore - Pangaea Ultima

Steve Moore - Pangaea Ultima

Verdict: 3.5/5

Spectrum Spools


SP 032


December 2013

Written By

Dragos Rusu


February 3, 2014

American based composer and producer Steve Moore has been doing electronic music for some years by now, releasing on many record labels such as Relapse Records, Cuneiform, Kompakt, Mexican Summer, Temporary Residence, to name just a few. Even if he released his first album in 2007, his discography is significantly rich; counting ten albums released on different music formats, from vinyl to CD, digital and cassette. He was also involved in the bands Miracle (together with Daniel O’Sullivan), Titan and Zombi. I can only assume that he gained some more attention worldwide after releasing two EPs on Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint.

Moore’s new album came out on Spectrum Spools and is called Pangaea Ultima. The American musician fantasizes of a future super continent that may occur in the next 250 million years, taking in consideration the hypothesis of an American geologist called Christopher Scotese. "It's all pretty much fantasy to start with", Scotese has said. "But it's a fun exercise to think about what might happen.’’

It’s a little bit hard to predict whether the Pangaea Ultima album will still be available in the next 250 million years, when the supercontinent could occur. Supercontinents describe the merger of all, or nearly all, of the Earth's landmass into a single contiguous continent. The scenario issues that destroying the Atlantic oceanic basin will cause the Atlantic Ocean to close, bringing the Americas back together with Africa and Europe, into a beautiful land globalization.

It’s hard to resist this album. Whether you’re an ambient synths freak, or just a regular forward thinking music attendee, you’re gonna love this one. The album has a unique irresistible flow, starting with contemplative opening track Endless Caverns'', a title that may suggest a meditation upon time and space, two omnipresent elements on this record. The tracks ''Deep Time'' and ''Logotone'' explore the more subtle territory of electronic dance music, while most of the other tracks breathe a calm, peaceful and meditative air. The track called ''Pangaea Ultima'' prepares you for a landing on Mars; it some how suggests me the atmosphere from Legowelt’s former record label, Strange Life Records.

Complex compositions may often be attributed as being pretentious, but on this album there’s a certain need for expressing something different than what has been done before, to create an entire universe accessible only for the insiders, the initiated ones. But if you unwrap the artistic discourse and focus only on the melody, you might as well mentally reach some super continent, on your own, transcending the boundaries of convention.


A1. Endless Caverns
A2. Planetwalk
A3. Deep Time
B1. Nemesis
B2. Pangaea Ultima
C1. Logotone
C2. Aphelion
D1. Endless Mountains
D2. Worldbuilding

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