Upperground Orchestra - The Eupen Takes

Upperground Orchestra - The Eupen Takes

Verdict: 4/5

Morphine Records




August 2012

Written By

Dragos Rusu


February 3, 2014

We came a little bit late for this one, but also this album came a little bit later than the initial time of Upperground Orchestra’s foundation, which was ten years before they released their very first album. However a first official recording might be the 3 tracks 12'' single titled ''Solaris Eremit''.

Because of Rabih Beaini’s electronic music approach (as being the founder of Morphine Records, a label providing ‘’fine electronic music’’), this album found its place on any electronic music related website, website or record shop. If you haven’t played it yet you’ll have a shocking surprise to discover this is way more than an electronic music album, relentlessly forging into a bizarre world where insane jazz layers meet electronic grooves and absorbing percussions. You can call it psychedelic rock, or electronic jazz, or even sweaty bobbled experimental jazzy electronics, but it’s all just clichés. Actually you can’t really assign a specific genre to this band, since there’s a lot of improvisation.

''The Eupen Takes'' is a hell of an extraordinary teamwork by musicians Rabih Beaini (the sensual result of Liban-meets-Venice), Alvise Seggi on bass, Tommaso Cappellato on drums and Piero Bittolo Bon on alto sax and flute. Musicians’ line-up is constantly in change, including Ralf Altrieth, Matteo Alfonso and many others.

The fascinating drums and bass on the first track of the album, ''Born Again'', instantly catch your attention. The opening track develops a crescendo intensity inside itself, that can really go wild at some point, if you pay attention to the rhythm and follow it through hell and then, through heaven. Or vice versa, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the entire album has the power to completely change your mood during a wide-ranging listening session. It’s only six songs, but you’re gonna feel the intensity of 20 songs gathered altogether under the umbrella of such a funny thing called ‘an album’.


A1. Born Again
A2. Memory Shark
A3. Distorted Spread
B1. Into The Dust
B2. We Travel The Lands Of Stars And Dust
B3. Kamanja

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