Lil Kids - Slow Rainbow

Lil Kids - Slow Rainbow

Verdict: 4/5

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February 2013

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February 10, 2014

Golden ages. Backpackers vs. backpatters. Cassette tapes, mp3s, and then cassette tapes again! Someone explain me how it took hip hop so long to produce the band name Lil Kids? Wasn’t it supposed to be taken a long, long time ago?

Weren’t Turntable Lab, Fat Beats, and all other dedicated stores supposed to sell me Lil Kids shirts, bags, and watches already? Perhaps we should take it as one of those historic failures. If nothing else, late as it may be, the calling into existence of this album elicits the urgent need for Lil Kids to become an adjective.

This record is so Lil Kids, yeah. That is to say, at least, that it’s a break from most commercial rap and most ‘underground’ hip hop now – the self-righteous, preachy, dull variety. Who needs further context when you have skill, swagger, and a bandcamp with your stuff for free?

I guess it’s just wiser to refrain from commenting on the lyrics; sometimes, what’s most disturbing in one’s fantasies is also what saves him, and his music.

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01. Crystal Decanters
02. Digits [ft. Captain Barret]
03. Fubar
04. Onions
05. Real Eyes
06. Jinkies
07. Nobodies
08. Pura Vida
09. Popeye’s Arms
10. Jungle Spice

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