Deep Listening Band - Great Howl at Town Haul

Deep Listening Band - Great Howl at Town Haul

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June 2012

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Bogdan Scoromide


February 10, 2014

Blind dolphins have been known to survive in the wild, guided by exquisite acoustic images of their prey. Pauline Oliveros defines Deep Listening as a practice intended for experiencing heightened and expanded awareness of the sound/silence continuum; she likens it to letting your vision de-focus.

Together with her longtime partners Stuart Dempster and David Gamper she’s produced this great material at a January 2011 residency and concert at Town Hall Seattle. Their performance was designed as an audio-spatial experience and the Expanded Instrument System they’ve developed over 35 years played an integral part.

“EIS acts as a time machine where players provide the present moment of sounding that technology will feedback in the future either in replica or modification. The feedback becomes part of the present. Thus the player is performing in the past, present and future simultaneously. Furthermore sounds of the past, present and future are spatialized through a multi-channel array of speakers so that space is expanded in a similar manner with time.”

These refined perceptual explorations take us from deep caverns to what seems like a peaceful jungle. It feels like something that belongs to the realm of appearance, in the explosion of time.

Dempster – breath conch, didjeridu, contrabass trombone, trombone, toys, little sounds, duck call, voice, Sing-a-Ma-Jigs;
Gamper – breath conch, piano, flutes, toys, little sounds, Sing-a-Ma-Jigs;
Oliveros – Roland V accordion, Sing-a-Ma-Jigs, voice, little instruments.

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01. Town Haul
02. Great Haul
03. Great Horned Howl
04. Growl Howl

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