Shadowlust - Trust In Pain

Shadowlust - Trust In Pain

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Dragos Rusu


February 17, 2014

It might be a little bit confusing to discover that every L.I.E.S. release is somehow inimitable, but label head Morelli seems to have created his army of musicians based on extremely strict considerations.

Here we have one of Svengalisghost’s side projects, called Shadowlust. It is a collaboration between the Chicago based DJ and producer Marquis Cooper and Lili Schulder, who has also released a few singles under the name 51717.

Svengalisghost hails from the fictional character in George du Maurier's 1895 novel Trilby. The word "svengali" has come to refer to a person who, with evil intent, dominates, manipulates and controls a creative person such as a singer or actor. Cooper learned DJing on his father’s disco singles, which, according to his interview for Little White Earbuds , ”was kind of like a David Mancuso ”.

”Trust In Pain” is an eight tracks package of dusty haunted electronics for late night hours, when the mind becomes awake and the body distillates into a deep state of remissness. Tracks like ”Iris”, ”Galician Dream Sequence”, ”Fluid Distorsions” or ”Jute” build an incredible tension, spreading a horror movie feeling all over the album. It is a dark tension that reaches into an incredible energetic attitude, constantly building up the energy. The hypnotic rhythms give an overall sense of soberness to the album; there’s no prankish vocals fooling around or some little Martians landing back from other planets to Earth.

Marquis Cooper takes stimulus from his city’s rich musical culture, acknowledging its classic sound but always pushing forward, driven to innovate. And with Shadowlust he really gives a new sense to the contemporary electronics. Check the album, it's a killer one!


A1. Iris
A2. Galician Dream Sequence
B1. Girl 613
B2. Russulo's Dream
C1. Fluid Distortions
C2. Jute
D1. Devotion
D2. Chrysanthemum (Coma)

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