David Kristian - The City Without Windows / La Dernière Voix / Original Soundtrack Score

David Kristian - The City Without Windows / La Dernière Voix / Original Soundtrack Score

Verdict: 3/5

Crème Organization





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Dragos Rusu


February 18, 2014

David Kristian has been making electronic for over 20 years, composing everything from experimental music to IDM, electro and synthpop. In 2004, Dutch record label Crème Organization decided to release the original soundtrack of the movie La Dernière Voix (The City Without Windows), composed by David Kristian.

This is a short science-fiction film [12’43”] written and directed by Montreal-based filmmakers Karim Hussain and Julien Fonfrède, and tells the story of a dystopian world in the future, where the windows of every building have disappeared without explanation. Aside from that, a heavy rain has begun and never let up. Due to the nonstop rain, metal and wood have been rendered useless. Any and all electronic devices have become obsolete, and disease is spreading. The main collapse of the disease is that it destroys vocal chords, meaning that humans can no longer speak and communication must be reinvented. The only form of communication available is to carve a succinct message into another’s flesh. Since it is also almost eternally dark, lighter skinned bodies are ideal for this communication.

The Canadian musician and film score composer and sound designer David Kristian did an excellent job, recreating a perfect atmosphere for the movie with his score. The songs are melancholic, beautifully shifting the listener’s attention between calm electronica and weird ambient. The record itself can create a great listening experience, especially for the electronica lovers.

”I would be surprised if people all thought the same way about the film. I just put in a possible theory about that phrase but we wanted to have something that was pretty open ended and that could be interpreted in many different ways”, says Karim Hussain in an interview for offscreen.com.

David Kristian’s films include ‘Divided Into Zero’ (1999), ‘Entropy 1’ (1999), ‘Subconscious Cruelty’ (2000), ‘Otaku’ (2001), ‘La Dernière Voix’ (2002), and most recently ‘Ascension’ (2003).


A1. La Dernière Voix (Intro)
A2. The City Without Windows (Main Theme)
A3. Surgical Truth
B1. Brief Notes Theat Weep Red
B2. I Loved You
B3. Breath Of Rain
B4. End Titles

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