Paul Woznicki - WOZ

Paul Woznicki - WOZ

Verdict: 4/5

WT Records


WT 011


1981 / 2012

Written By

Dragos Rusu


May 2, 2014

Typically, a child is peacefully playing with toys, in a wooded area behind its home. A group of older children are noisily engaged in a fast-paced game of kickball. A young 30 something starts mowing his lawn. Residents are feeding babies, washing cars, reading the news and watching sports on TV. But there is something that wants to feed on the life of this peaceful neighborhood.

In 1980, movie director Don Dohler made a horror movie called Fiend, creating sort of a new shocking creature apart of the classic Frankenstein or the Dracula/vampire cliché; the fiend was meant to be a ”genuine new fantasy creation, complete with its own legend and style”, according to the director’s own words.

Delaware born multi-instrumentalist Paul Woznicki was in task to make this beautiful synth jazz / funk instrumental soundtrack album, which he released in the ‘80s under the name of ”Woz”. American record label WT Records found a copy of the album in a dirty basement complete with newspaper clippings and a business card. They track the still active musician down and stepped up to give this lost gem a wider release. The record overall has a wide music approach, ”from schizophrenic drum machine dissonance to dreamy, soothing soundtracks”, as WT Records briefly describes it.

Paul Woznicki was also involved in a number of different dance projects, including modern-tap-ballet-butoh-flamenco and belly dance. His gypsy jazz band has been doing Belly dance shows. When he was 26 years old, Paul built two robots, as ‘crowd pleasers’, go-go dancers Merqua and Blinky. The self-taught electronic wizard said he’s always thought about building a robot, but when he saw Star Wars, he knew he had to have one.

Here’s a splendid 12” reissue of advanced and unclassifiable music, from jazz to obscure psychedelic tones and riffs, funk and dub-ish wretched beats, all compact in this beauty, brought back to relevance by NYC heads. Not to be missed!


1. Straight Ahead
2. Compassion
3. Tongue Depressor
4. Tribes
5.2nd Attempt
6. Palpitation
7. Wozzy's Waltz
8. Zerkon
9. Flashbacks

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