Wan Voager

Wan Voager

Verdict: 3.5/5

Unknown References




May 2014

Written By

Gunnar Gutsuup


May 30, 2014

Few weeks back I received a promo tape from a young Belgian DJ and passionate record collector from the freshly born "unknown references" label. It's their first release and when I ask him what kind of music I should expect he says it's some kind of post-rock with electronic and acid-house remixes.

The tape is looking great with a simple but nice and mysterious black & white design. His musical description made me curious so I start listening to it right away while preparing some pasta for dinner. I'm talking about Wan Voager btw. The Belgian multi-instrumentalist delivered 2 long tracks of 20 and 10 minutes which come along with 3 remixes by Brussels based LBNHRX and a short tape-only bonus track.

Ambient drones, field recordings, movie samples, singer-songwriter guitars, vocoder, vinyl crackles, delayed voices, drum machines, trumpet, piano & more. This is the ingredients needed for those 2 long journey's which continuously juggle with it's diversified elements.

Some moments evoke some personal memories of an all-time favorite album which I used to listen to as a teenager. In fact it's the vocoder which makes me think of Air's Moon Safari album.

Besides the 2 original tracks LBNHRX delivers three sympathetic future-retroesque remixes. Stripped down left-field house & glitchy electronic beat tracks. Altogether a very interesting first output of a young talent which I'm curious to hear more from.

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1 - Wan Voager - Fluence Of Six Moves In Suite
2 - Wan Voager - Don't Funk It Dugong
3 - LBNHRX - Fluence / Move 4
4 - LBNHRX - Fluence / Move 6
5 - LBNHRX - Refunk
6 - Wan Voager - Trader (cassette bonus)

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