Theo Parrish - American Intelligence

Theo Parrish - American Intelligence

Verdict: 4/5

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Gunnar Gutsuup


August 5, 2017

The master of american house music is back with another long expected masterpiece. After hyping it with some signed white label copies being up for sale in some Detroit stores in early November, the real deal has finally landed.

Subtle basslines and acoustic drum programming composed in an inimitable way as we are used from Parrish. Jazz & Soul elements fuse with futuristic arrangements and occasional vocals by the man himself and collaborator Ideeyah, who appears on two tracks.

The only tracks which I personally don't appreciate are the ones featuring Ideeyah. Especially "Be In Yo Self" is an amazingly detailed 13 minute-long composition which, in my opinion, loses its strength through her very repetitive voice, who sounds to me just like the typical American contemporary R&B singer. I'm sure others consider this track as the highlight of the album, but for me a shortened version without her voice would have done.

Anyways, this release is definitely a candidate for the album of the year 2014, which we will see in many top-lists very soon. Well done Mr. Parrish, looking forward to the next one!


1. Drive
2. Life Spice
3. Welcome Back
4. Tympanic Warfare
5. Fallen Funk
6. Ah (Featuring – Duminie Deporres, Ideeyah, Marcellus Pittman)
7. Make No War
8. Cypher Delight
9. ...There Here
10. Thug Irony
11. Creepcake
12. I Enjoy Watching You (Featuring - Sass & Ruby)
13. Helmut Lampshade
14. Be In Yo Self (Featuring – Ideeyah & Duminie Deporres)
15. Footwork

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