brekekekexkoaxkoax - Sudden Empire of Tears

brekekekexkoaxkoax - Sudden Empire of Tears

Verdict: 4/5

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Written By

Beatrice Sommer


January 13, 2015

Where does such an abstract thing as a line begin and where does it end?

A line. One that you may think is thin. You might observe, if you follow it carefully, that it can turn into a thick one, once it reaches what seems to be an end. Yet, it's still a thin one. Because it's got no end. And no color. No sound either. No truth or falseness. Actually it may embed all the other abstract concepts which are always limited by the certitude and limitation seeking human mind.

Is the line unlike any other shape, the infinity itself? It is said to have only one dimension, which is length. That is probably the reason why so many things came to include the concept of line, its property of being unconsciously perceived as the space and time between a beginning point and an ending one.

Try following a line for as long as you can. After coming to the conclusion that it always splits to form continuity, you should as well try to consider that you haven't been following it from its beginning, of course. The wisest thing to do now is to accept the dispensable notion of events taking place from point A to point B. Where do these A and B come from anyway?

brekekekexkoaxkoax got their name from the Ancient Greek play ''The Frogs'' by Aristophanes. The apparently random alignment of letters was actually used in the play as ''brekekekex koax koax'' to describe the sound frogs make.

Sudden Empire of Tears is a 6 track release with song titles that will make you switch your state of mind as much as their sound. This beautiful piece of musique concrète is a listening exercise for the ones with a strong fascination for following the thin line between music and pure sound experimentation.


1. The Two Meanings of Parables
2. The Hiding of the Face
3. One Should Stop at this Measure of Knowledge
4. They Are Perfectly Spherical and Cling to Each Other
5. The Premises of the Philosophers
6. The Essence of True Reality

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