Shoc Corridor - Experiments In Incest

Shoc Corridor - Experiments In Incest

Verdict: 4/5

Dark Entries




1983 / November 2015

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Dragoș Rusu


November 22, 2015

“Wait for the sun to come out, open the windows, close your eyes and play”, John Gill was writing in a piece for Time Out magazine in 1983, regarding the debut album of London based group Shoc Corridor.

The story of this band (named after Samuel Fuller’s movie from 1963 - Shock Corridor), is dramatically short and comprises only three years of existence (between 1982 and 1984). It was formed by the couple Chris Davis (guitar, bass, e-bow) and Nogi Prass (Synth), and later they added Paul O’Carroll (voice and synth) and Andy Garnham (synth, bass and drum).

According to Dark Entries, the band’s initial equipment included a Korg MS-20, Wasp, Pro-One, Roland TR-808, WEM Copicat, guitars, bass, e-bow and an assortment of effects pedals. The crucial fifth member of the band was, of course, a TEAC reel-to-reel 4-track recorder.

Shortly after recording the tracks for Experiments In Incest, the pair comprising Chris and Nogi had to leave London due to visa issues, as Nogi was an Israeli citizen. Paul and Andy were left to complete the album at Ollie’s Studio with Dutch engineer Paul Groothuis, released in March 1983. After the release of the ‘Blind Sign’ EP and ‘Experiments In Incest’ LP on Shout Records, Davis and Prass left and were replaced by Paul Humphries and Sarah Panton. New releases included ‘Train Of Events’ (LP), ‘Holding Treasure’ (7”) and ‘Fever’ (EP) on Shout/Quiet Records. Shoc Corridor disbanded in 1984 following the suicide of Paul Humphries .

Shoc Corridor’s amazing work left behind is now celebrated in high class, with the band’s first album repressed by Dark Entries Records. All six songs have been re-mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Experiments in Incest really is an album which strongly needs to be heard, as it evokes an absolutely fantastic music universe from the past which seems to be gone, forgotten or simply ignored these days. Very emotionally rich, hauntingly beautiful, deep and immersive.


A1. Khartoum
A2. On Reflexion
A3. Artificial Horizon
B1. Iceberg
B2. In An Empty Room
B3. Travelling By Hand

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