Pauline Anna Strom - Plot Zero

Pauline Anna Strom - Plot Zero

Verdict: 4.5/5

Trans-Millenia Consort Recordings


TMCR 2002



Written By

Dragoș Rusu


November 26, 2015

A free flow is eternally a free flow, a good intention to make up with your mind and travel across older ideas and concepts. It flows continuously in a lavish configuration, like a rat rambling throughout the corners of an old room, where once upon a time it used to smell like fish.

It used to be only joy, sun and caramels. It used to rain a lot and during this time, the windows used to look funny, like fleeting phantoms wondering around in search of commitment and a permanent and much required feeling of getting lost, unchaining the old demons and letting space for the new ones. There used to be a lot of smiles. Regular human beings were used to smile at the sun for no particular reason, while tunneling for their inner condescension. Every coin used to have two sides. There used to be a higher understanding of humanity and a constant struggle against ignorance. The bright stars used to glow heavy and bring comfort and hope to the selfless minds across the universe. There used to be spirit.

'You know, Plot Zero is a mind trip without chemicals. I envisioned an enormous planetarium, the laser show and extreme brilliance of colors traveling through the infinity of the mind; getting lost with no limits or boundaries, experiencing the freedom of that kind of emotional and mental exploration. That is the essence of Plot Zero. I wanted all the tracks to travel through the infinite depths of the mind and get lost in the nebula of exploration.'

This is Pauline Anna Strom in one of her deepest embodiments, a splendid collection of timeless songs and sonic journeys that will transport you back in time.


A1. Mushroom Trip
A2. Freebasing
B1. Symphonic Industry
B2. Organized Confusion
B3. Plot Zero

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