VA - Salva I & II

VA - Salva I & II

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December 2015

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Dragoș Rusu


December 15, 2015

Music naturally depends on silence in some form or another, to individualize other periods of sound and allow dynamics, melodies and rhythms to have grander impact. In addition, silence in music can be seen as a time for contemplation to reflect on the piece. Silence does not obstruct musical excellence, but it enhances the sounds of instruments and vocals within the piece.

In his book Sound and Silence (1970) the composer John Paynter considers that "the dramatic effect of silence has long been appreciated by composers." He gives as an example "the general pause in the middle of the chorus ‘Have lightnings and thunders …’ in Bach’s St. Matthew Passion".

The French collective LPC (La Petite Compagnie) explores this concept of silence in electronic music, throughout a 2 parts VA compilation, featuring different electronic producers who have worked together to share their vision of silence. Entitled Salva, the third release of LPC fetches an amalgam of distinctive experimental, ambient and techno pieces.

The splendid suite can be taken as a whole and should be listened from the beginning till the end, since each track contributes in an equally important part to the whole idea of the compilation. While featured artists such as Kujo & Hydrangea, Modvs, Keadz, Shaded Explorer, Elle, Reenactor, Fjäder, Alume and others may not appear to be so familiar even to an active digger and duteous listener, it is the music that speaks for itself and acts as a medium for listeners to fall into a state of trance.

As LPC has a strong taste for all weird meditative electronic sounds and also a great understanding of the concept of deepness in music, you should watch out this French collective, delivering this unique hidden treasure for mind and soul. Each producer investigates the silence in his own way and, altogether, their music evokes beautiful landscapes, hypnotic drones, memories, hidden or forgotten, as well as our resentments and presentiments as human beings. Remember, the body always listens to the mind.


Salva I:

1. Kujo & Hydrangea - Le Silence De Deux Étrangers
2. Modvs - Vow Of Silence
3. Keadz - Ceremonial Dance of the White Pygmy
4. Antonio Ruscito - Mute Space
5. Gahb - Deep Structures
6. Elle - Soddisfazione Decrescente
7. Monochrome - Siren
8. Shaded Explorer - Avgrund

Salva II:

1. Alume - Physical Frequency
2. Mas - Anata
3. Source Of Rain - Immergere
4. Reenactor - Liniste
5. Qeel - Outying
6. Fldexp - Morphé
7. Meer - Dvesa
8. Fjäder - Sinnesfrid

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