Question Mark - Be Nice to the People

Question Mark - Be Nice to the People

Verdict: 4/5



NEMI (LP) 0202



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Dragoș Rusu


January 3, 2016

This music jewelry was born out of some fuzzy guitars from Nigeria back in 1974, but there were other recent occasions when people could (re) discover this amazing album: ’Be Nice To The People’.

Question Mark released only this album throughout their partly-relevant music career in Kenya, and then failed to commercial success, causing the end of the group. With recent reissues by Shadoks Music and German label Q.D.K. Media, the Question Mark has won new followers worldwide. Produced by fellow Nigerian Odion Iruoje, the group consisted of Amehi Izuorah (on bass guitar), Chyke Okafor on drums, Victor Egbe on lead guitar, Frank Izuora on lead vocals and organ and Uzo Agulefo on percussion.

The album has a throughout positive message, where essential concepts such as love lead the whole idea of the band. Don’t expect any political, social or economic activism; as they say it, there is nothing but love.

This is an album that you always go back to, once in a while, and each new listening session brings to grass new aspects of sound and harmonies undiscovered before. Tracks such as Love, Be Nice to the People or the closing song Mary Enne give the listener a clear idea of the distinctive sound of this album. It sounds equally old and new, dusty and modern. Borrowing the exuberance of fellow African bands Blo, Witch, Ofege, Chrissy Zebby Tembo or Rikki Ililonga, Question Mark rebounds the sounds of The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, The Grass Roots, The Youngbloods - even Genesis and early King Crimson.

The perfect album to start the year with. Joyful, yet melancholic, innocent and heartfelt, Be Nice To The People is a must for everyone into African psychedelia and beyond.


A1. Have You?
A2. Be Nice To The People
A3. Hey Hey Girl
A4. Love
B1. Oh My Girl
B2. Freaking Out
B3. Scram Out
B4. Mary Anne

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