Streetmark - Eileen

Streetmark - Eileen

Verdict: 3/5

Sky Records


SKY 011



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Dragoș Rusu


January 6, 2016

The nucleus of the Dusseldorf based progressive rock band Streetmark was Dorothea Raukes and Thomas Schreiber. In the beginning, Streetmark played mainly covers of the Beatles, Jon Mayall or Deep Purple, quitly developing their own style which was mainly based on the compositions of Dorothea and Thomas, influenced by Procol Harum, Focus and Elp.

Originally released in 1977, the album 'Eileen' suffered two transformations in the following years, due to the tragic death of one of the band’s member, Wolfgang Riechmann, who was killed by two drunken guys, who stabbed him to death. Subsequently, as faith has its own ironic ways to work, his solo-album Wunderbar became a success.

Sky Records re-released "Eileen" in 1979 with the new title Wolfgang Riechmann and Streetmark, with one bonus track. Later on, the record was renamed "Dreams".

Personally, I find this album the highlight of the band’s frivolous career, since their last record, Sky Racer, with Dorothea Raukes as the only founding member left, goes into a more pop dimension. Maybe it was also Wolfgang Riechmann who - kind of - took over on the band’s music direction, as they might say. At the end, this is just a matter of taste, but nevertheless, never quit certainty for hope.

A splendid album for the mind, coldly but generously served by German wizards from legendary times of the past, for this frozen start of year. Don’t sleep on this!


1. Crazy Norton
2. Passage
3. Sea of melted lead
4. Tomorrow
5. Eileen
6. Dreams
7. Choral

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