Welcome to Dijf Sanders' wonderful journey into future exotica.

This albums takes you to a trip of yet undiscovered regions, where the most diverse individuals have met in a flawless vibe to retire in harmony and peace whilst wondering what the so called civilization has done to their former planet.

Tribal rhythms, warm melodies, electronics, deep melancholy and spoken word fused to a seamless and beautiful musical work in utopia.

Dijf Sanders is based in Gent/Belgium and produced this album in collaboration with Nathan Daems and Jon Birdsong on horns, flutes and sax.

Stream below:


1. Retired Sportswatch
2. Subway
3. Moonlit Planetarium
4. The Campsite
5. Wakeboard
6. Sweet Dreams
7. Donderdag
8. Indian Cashregister
9. Snippets