Abdulla Rashim - A Shell Of Speed

Abdulla Rashim - A Shell Of Speed

Verdict: 3.5/5

Northern Electronics




October 2015

Written By

Stefany Iova


July 14, 2016

Northern Electronics, the well-known label based in Sweden, has released yet another high quality musical voyage that is full of vibrant acoustics devoured by organic and sincere sounds, which will ultimately guide you into an unfathomable introspection.

Rashim’s album emerges with the track Ultimate Reality, which is clearly built upon a very static and light atmosphere tangled with this perpetual dream-like state - it feels like he tries to prepare the listener for the ‘expedition’ they are about to embark on together. In the second track, A Shell of Speed, one can feel the rapid modification created through the sharp rhythm and steady buzz-like vibration, as if Abdulla himself tries to wake you from the dream-like reality you’re living in, through this cold layering of sounds and intense ‘grey’ notes.

As you listen more and more, you find yourself surprisingly aware of the various electronic sounds which contour this intense sensory experience. The entire piece seems to be thoughtfully shaped, in order to provoke the listener and so, in Separation of Senses one can sense Rashim’s notable African and Arabic inspired patterns, as if directly drawn from rituals which will make your senses highly dissociative.

Crossing Qalandiya, the second to last track, feels like a final evaluation before the end through its fluid yet rigid volume fluctuation tangled around hypnotic decibels. This is also made evident by the name of the track, Qalandiya being a small and difficult village in Palestine. The last track, Internal Fall, opens up sustaining the intense tempo contoured by vivid echoes, which outline the epiphanic aura that was created by Abdulla and the listener’s consciousness throughout the album.

A Shell of Speed is a soothing techno journey with a special rhythmic structure which is a ‘must’ if you feel like taking electronic music to a full-on outer experience.


A1. Ultimate Reality
A2. A Shell Of Speed
B1. Scania Floods
B2. Ador Tracers
C1. Separation Of Senses
C2. Red Pool
D1. Crossing Qalandiya
D2. Internal Fall

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