Puce Mary - Yours

Puce Mary - Yours

Verdict: 4/5





August 21, 2016

Written By

Alina Georgiana


November 4, 2016

Frederikke Hoffemeier, otherwise known as Puce Mary (and sometimes Amphetamine Logic), has released Yours with the occasion of her Australian tour. Only 100 copies were issued on August 21, in the form of cassette tapes. If I were to characterize her music in a couple of words, I couldn’t, since restrictive terminology wouldn’t do justice.

Hoffmeier’s approach seems minimalistic at first listen. As an artist, she has been known to keep herself and her work surrounded by a shroud of mystery, a cloak of sorts, and this still rings true for this release.

The six tracks that make up Yours are not dynamic by any means, but that is definitely a good thing. Their overwhelmingly static nature creates a world all in itself, and their structural coherence creates a continuous flow that builds up an almost dream-like state. But the dream is a lucid nightmare.

You are all alone in the fallout, and everything has turned to dust. Your lungs feel heavy. Your eyes feel sore. The smell of ashes floats in the air. Everything is grey. Words keep ringing around in your head, mixing and meshing, distorting themselves into a continuous loop. A world of violent nothingness lies barren before you.

Yours feels like surviving the end of the world will never be a good thing.


A1. Two Women
A2. In The Realm Of The Senses
A3. Paper Skirt
B1. In Your Shadow
B2. A Feast Before The Drought
B3. Yours

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