Va - Vectors 3

Va - Vectors 3

Verdict: 3.5/5

Power Vacuum




January 24, 2017

Written By

Gabriel Leașcu


September 4, 2017

‘Bang! Bang!’
‘Who’s there?’
‘Bang who?’

Full throttle electronic mayhem compiled by Power Vacuum label, giving the feeling these guys know exactly what they want, compromise free. With absolutely mad, dusty basslines and wicked schizoid synths, Vector 3 is definitely what a retired, raver DJ would buy his kid for Christmas after some nocturnal lurking on Discogs.

It might be getting harder and harder to innovate in the electronic club music sphere but in this case it’s obvious that some very mature hard core producers joined forces in pushing the subtle` boundaries of techno experimentation. This is fresh and unintuitively ‘uplifting’ techno for the die hard floor kisser to indulge; it hits hard but keeps surprising with its versatility.

This compilation will be released in January 2017, its tracks already dying to be slammed on the walls of some serious techno clubs around the world.


A1. Dr. Skime - RX7 Jams
A2. Pan Daijing - Very Uncomfortable, Please
B1. Beau Wanzer - Up Chuck's
B2. Duran Duran Duran - Drap Jam
C1. Pan Daijing - Druid (Bintus Rmx)
C2. Inca Pax - Transfer Function
D1. Martyn Hare - Time Terminated
D2. Bleaching Agent - Operai

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