Sigha - Metabolism

Sigha - Metabolism

Verdict: 3.5/5





February 24, 2017

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Dragoș Rusu


February 17, 2017

London based DJ and producer James Shaw came into prominence in the past half-decade with a series of spectacular techno releases.

To date, Shaw has released primarily on record labels such as Hotflush Recordings, Blueprint Recordings, Avian, Token or his own imprint Our Circula Sound and been commissioned to provide remixes signed on various labels such as CLR, Mikrowave, Metalheadz, Echocord, Steadfast and Sudden Drop amongst others.

After the debut LP Living With Ghosts out on Hotflush in 2012, Sigha returns with a second LP, this time on Token, the Belgian techno label based in Gent, founded in 2007 by Kr!z and now home of many killer producers such as Ø [Phase], Khoiba, Inigo Kennedy, Radial, Dimitri Andreas, Oscar Mulero, Arrestar, Go Hiyama, CTRLS, Mark Broom, Spherical Coordinates, Surgeon, Makaton, Tadeo and others.

Metabolism is a beautiful story about this certain powerful musicality beyond any acute attention to form and structure. Delicate emotive leads sit squarely and comfortably in the foreground, and build towards rapturous crescendos that are crisp and omnipresent throughout the mix.

Every track on the album build up a certain energy that meets other energies and altogether create a fascinating universe of sounds, dramatic harmonies, meeting certain dull, hypnotic and meditative melodic lines, a rain of sound and noise that flows constantly, adjusting its influent tide in accordance with mystical and unknown ghost sounds coming from a world that doesn't exist. Since imagination is the main tool in order to fully indulge this music, I strongly suggest to let your mind breath and free yourself of any prejudices.

Metabolism is a complex techno album which can gather many different types of emotions and energies, but one thing is sure: romanticism is not dead, not at all!


A1 / 1. Suffocate
A2 / 2. Down
A3 / 3. Stabbing
B1 / 4. Porcelain
B2 / 5. Strobing
B3 / 6. Coming Apart
C1 / 7. Black Massing
C2 / 8. Interior
D1 / 9. Her
D2 / 10. Morning Star
D3 / 11. Positive Mutilation
D4 / 12. Porcelain (Ideal)

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