Léonore Boulanger & Maam-Li Merati - La Maison d amour

Léonore Boulanger & Maam-Li Merati - La Maison d amour

Verdict: 4.5/5

Okraina Records




November 15, 2016

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Dragoș Rusu


September 24, 2017

"You, you traded me for nothing
Me, I still choose that I wouldn't trade a single hair yours
for the entire world"

If such thing would be possible, I would have loved to record the physical sensation given by the hearing of this beautiful album called ´La Maison D´Amour´. I could return to this sensation over and over again, and eventually it would become like a mental drug, abusing the emotional hallucinations which are flying through my own multiple realities.

The Iranian musician Maam-Li Merati met the young French musician Léonore Boulanger in 2011. After connecting each other through the art of Persian classical music, during the spring of 2015 they recorded some first lyrical odes, some dastgāhs for two voices and traditional string instruments that would later become the sides A and C of the La Maison d’amour, the double ten inch released on the Belgium imprint Okraïna Records in November 2016.

Also, the church organist and researcher in electronic music Matthieu Ferrandez joined them for sides B and D weaving a cosmic fasten, with the moans of harmonium and acoustic organs, as well as Jean-Daniel Botta (on bendir and n'goni).

Maam-Li Merati has worked with artists such as Iranian singer Shahram Nazeri and French novelist Luis Bunuel's screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière (for a project devoted to 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Rumi).

´La Maison D´Amour´ seems to be a wonderful artifact piece specially designed for the inner souls. The sublime harmonies and complex structures of sounds from the songs keep the ear caught in a unique space and time that can´t be reached that easy. Conveying the classical pathway of Persian music in front of the artistic force of the contemporary young Léonore is nothing but a musical bliss in all possible ways.

And feel free to check the entire catalogue of Okraïna Records [Records of the Outskirts], a record label founded by Philippe Delvosalle, inspired by Boris Barnet's film of 1933 and devoted to 10 inch vinyl. The beautiful artwork is made by Gwénola Carrère.


Dastgâh-e Navâ
A1 Pishdarâmad
A2 Darâmad-e Gardânie
A3 Tasnif-e Meikhâne
Dastgâh-e Shur
A4 Darâmad
A5 Kereshme
A6 Tasnif-e Ey Aman
Dastgâh-e Mahur
B1 Darâmad
B2 Feyli
B3 Tchâhâr Pâre
B4 Tasnif-e Zeman Megâram
Avâz-e Abu'azâ
C1 Darâmad-e Râmkali
C2 Tasnif-e Bahâre Delkash
Avâz-e Bayât-e Tork
C3 Darâmad-e Shahâbi
C4 Mehrabâni
Avâz-e Bayât-e Esfahân
D1 Tasnif-e Nâ Dideh Rokhat
D2 Masnaui
Dastgâh-e Homâyun
D3 Leyli O Mainun
Avâz-e Bayât-e Esfahân
D4 Tasnif-e Shab-e Mahtâb

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