The Attic Podcast: 04. Heiko Gogolin

We gladly welcome in the Attic the Dj and record collector from Hamburg, Heiko Gogolin. He is running the Pingipung record label with some friends, for over 13 years. Besides that, Heiko is a video-game journalist and has worked for the games culture magazine GEE. At the moment, he is running a television-show called Reload.

Here's a ride throughout the decades, held together by a percussion heavy basis; all vinyl.

Download available through iTunes.


  • Lucio Battisti: La Canzone Della Terra (1973)
  • The Last Poets: What Will You Do (1984)
  • Scream And Dance: In Rhythm (1982)
  • Guem Et Zaka Percussion: Le Serpent (1978)
  • The Pyramids: Memory Ritual (2012)
  • ‪Ronald Downer with Count Ossie & His Band: A Ju Ju Wa (1968)
  • Malombo Jazz Makers: Abbey's Body (1967)
  • Contact Field Orchestra: In The Cave (2013)
  • Gift from Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits: Maid Of The Mist (2012)
  • Luiz Bonfá: Bahia Soul (1968)
  • Moacir Santos: Coisa No 1 (1965)
  • Cults Percussion Ensemble: Baia (1979)
  • Martin Denny: Aku Aku (1959)
  • Pedro Santos: Dual (1968)
  • Liebe Paradiso: Candeerio (2013)
  • Sons Of Kemet: Rivers Of Babylon (2013)

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