Destinations Podcast: 04 - Brazil

Live or in a mixtape, be it free jazz, avant garde, world music, electronic or whatever, I always play some brazilian music. I started doing this a few years ago, after a whole life of aprioric hate for Brazil. Why the hate? No reason, just because. And it wasn?t just Brazil, I couldn?t stand the idea of non-western music.

I pictured myself turning to a so called world music when I would start being old and senile. It started about ten years ago and now, at 31-come-friday I am totally senile. Friday the 13th I turn 31, and the magic of numbers, the pure magic I practice, makes it the day the Carnival in Brazil starts. And I know something about magic cause although I come from a Western-soaked East, I?m totally going South. I know to enjoy it, that?s all I know.

words & mix by Victor StŁtz

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