The Attic Podcast: 08. Rem Gow - Cascade Mix

Rem Gow is a true music lover, record collector and DJ from the Netherlands. Both inspired by his father?s record collection (krautrock, jazzrock, new wave oddities and early world music) and radio music he started to compile cassette tapes as a kid.

Nowadays he has a variety of music from the past 5 decades: synth obscurities, library, electronic, psychedelic pop/rock, folk, world, afro, brazil, new wave, disco, fusion, funk, ambient, leftfield pop, etc.

He is one of Red Light Radio?s residents. Every two weeks he co-hosts a show called All Around The Globe.

Download available through iTunes.


  • Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Jabore pt. 3
  • Thick Pigeon - Subway
  • Jean-Claude Vannier - Bombarde Lamentation (reprise)
  • Double - Naningo (Lexx re-edit)
  • Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi
  • Anna Domino - Trust, in love
  • Sun Palace - Winning
  • Jon Hassell - Cobra Moon
  • Gaoulé Mizik - Koulè
  • Maximum Joy - White & Green Place
  • Ichiko Hashimoto - Naja Naja
  • Miharu Koshi - Scandal Night
  • Bill Nelson - The Meat Room
  • Autumn - Not Afraid To Die
  • John Kongos - I'm Dreaming
  • Dojoji - Peh Peh Ook
  • Jean-Louis Bucchi - Technocity
  • Soft Rocks - This Is Our Big Noise
  • Klaus Weiss - Driving Sequences

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