The Attic Podcast: 09. Heinrich Dressel

We're really happy to feature the founder of the MinimalRome label in the Auditorium - Heinrich Dressel. He prepared a mix of soundtracks from different movies, such as The long good friday (track 4), Il gatto a nove code (track 8), The Boogeyman (track 10), Body Double (track 11) and Aguirre (track 13).

Musically, Heinrich Dressel means a sonorous journey through the darker side of the electro, taking the commands of the Elka Synthex, one of the most impressive polysynths in the history of music, planned and manufactured by Mario Maggi in the early 80s, as the commercial brother of the MCS70, synth that gave birth to a masterpiece album like "Automat".

Captivating hybrid of styles, mixing the chilling-menacing mood of the 70s / 80s lo-fi funkadelic horror soundtracks to outer-space synthesised soundscapes in a pure classy vein. This is cryptical-kosmische psychedelica with a nice electro retro touch and avant-minimalist.

Download available through iTunes.


  • Egisto Macchi - Moonsong
  • Alan Hawkshaw - Frontiers of Science
  • Oscar Rocchi - Mais
  • Francis Monkman - The Long Good Friday
  • Il Reale Impero Britannico - Epopea
  • Camel - Skylines
  • Soft Machine - As If
  • Ennio Morricone - Placcaggio
  • Vercetti Technicolor - Chariots Of Gunfire
  • Tim Krog - The Boogeyman
  • Pino Donaggio - Detective McClane, Please!
  • David Kristian - Black Beach
  • Popol Vuh - L'Acrime Di rei
  • Michel Colombier - Dolorosa

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