The Attic Podcast: 10. Basso - Luz de Vagalume

Basso is a Hamburg based music adventurer who really knows his stuff. Known for his Growing Bin project, which started in summer 2007 as a fantastic music blog, evolved into a wicked online record shop (where you can usually find records that are mostly unreachable else where, even on discogs - in most of the cases) and finally made it into a proper record label, with two notable releases: the first one is an ambient jazz / balearic fusion LP called "Long Distance", coming from the German band Merge. The second release is by A.r.t. Wilson, also known as Andras Fox. The ambient/new age LP is called "Overworld" and is was originally composed for the contemporary dance piece "Overworld", by Rebecca Jensen and Sarah Aitken. The record label plans to release at least three records each year.

We're opening a Champaign here, as we celebrate the tenth episode from The Attic Podcast and our guest Basso delivers an amazing two hours session with all kind of fusion records, from ambient to lounge, balearic, disco and beyond.

Download available through iTunes.

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