The Attic Podcast: 11. Dj M. - Enfant Terrible - Lesson 52

The Attic presents a DJ session from the Dutch Enfant Terrible label boss - Martijn.

Enfant Terrible is an independent label for mostly electronic music with its roots in new wave/industrial/post-punk music and is run by Martijn. Since 2004 about 90 releases have been released, mostly vinyl records. The label includes sublabels for elektro/techno/EBM and related sounds (Gooiland Elektro) and for experimental/folklore/psychedelic sounds (Vrystaete).

Next to being a label Enfant Terrible runs a specialized webshop with careful selected releases by other true independent labels and artists.

Every month Enfant Terrible hosts a small event in Holland with live acts and dj'ed music which is also recorded and narrowcasted on Intergalactic FM every first Monday of the month.

Download available through iTunes.


  • Kerridge - WOSN
  • vektor - The Great Awakening Is Alseep
  • Maschinenzimmer 412 - Virus
  • Neugeborene Nachtmusik - Schaf Auge Rabe
  • Theologian - Like Love, Only Real
  • Coil - Solar Lodge
  • SPK - Another Dark Age
  • Embers - Ertefretter
  • Novy Svet - Espina
  • Novy Svet - Gloria Dos
  • Vond - To The Dreamer Dead & Dreamer Dying
  • Der Blutharsch - Untitled
  • Tindersticks - Ananas Et Poivre

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