The Attic Podcast: 16. Borusiade

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, and now residing in Berlin, Borusiade, real name Miruna Boruzescu, started dj-ing in 2002 as one of the only female DJs in the city?s emerging alternative clubbing scene.

Influenced by a classical musical education and fascinated by raw electronic sounds, Borusiade combined these elements in the construction of her DJ sets and, starting 2005, also in her music production. As she managed to build a sound of her own, often dark, with poignant bass lines, obsessive themes and by all means melodic, starting 2015, she was signed on Cómeme agency and label.

Her DJ sets combine bold and obscure sounds and genres fluctuating mostly in the field of Dark Disco, Minimal Wave, raw House with an Acid touch. The sound is gloomy and powerful, with beats that touch one?s deepest senses on the dance floor.

Download available through iTunes.


  • Roedelius - LP1 A4 Band30 1 Nächtens in Forst (Borrdun mit Tongeneratoren)
  • Conspiracy International - Conquest
  • Die Wilde Jagd - Jagd auf den Hirsch
  • Giorgio Moroder - Percussiv
  • Hunee - Cross Road
  • Marvin & Guy - The Man Who Lost The Hat
  • Harmonious Thelonious - Was sollen wir mit unserer Trommel anfangen
  • Etienne Jaumet - La Visite (Die Wilde Jagd Remix)
  • Carisma - Conversacion Nocturna
  • Maud - Broken March

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