The Attic Podcast: 33. Eduardo De La Calle

Eduardo De La Calle is a prolific Spanish DJ and producer who's been making forward-thinking electronic music since the early nineties. He is the man behind the labels Analog Solutions, Suprawax and Edits. At present he is releasing records on intriguing labels worldwide such as Mule Musiq, Semantica Records, Mental Groove, NON Series records, besides others.

He also directed the documentary film BEATZ, released and distributed out on 2014 worldwide by Jason Media USA.

When he's not producing music or touring worldwide, Eduardo is practicing meditation or Bhakti yoga. 'More and more people and artists get influenced by ideas of getting into the unknown. There is for sure, a secret and purpose in the human life and it's our mission to try and get answers and access to that. Yoga and mantras are wonderful for this' he says in an interview for Headz With Tales.

Souls are controlled by karma laws, everything we do in the present is without any doubt the seed of our future harvest. Death Does Not Exist. Only the being who are not afraid to love will be part of those with the ability to change the Intellinet Prophecy and get out of it.

*linear notes from the sleeve of the album The Intellinet Prophecy.

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