The Attic Podcast: 35. Finn Johannsen


April 4, 2016

Finn Johannsen is a German DJ and writer, co-running the label Macro Recordings and working at the Berlin based Hard Wax record store.

Born in Kiel, Germany, in the late 60's, Finn Johannsen started collecting records since he was a kid, with a focus on anything danceable from Disco, Soul, Post Punk, to Synth Pop and all points in between, and entered the nightlife as soon as he could. He spent his formative years dancing in some legendary clubs in Hamburg and started out as a DJ in the 80's on the Rare Soul circuit, and later fell in love with House and Techno and the styles that followed suit.

Over the years he played numerous national and international gigs, and his widely acclaimed mixes and radio shows are all over the web. He also gained high profile with his writings for De:bug magazine and Resident Advisor and a whole lot of other print and web media publications.

After moving to Berlin, all his activities multiplied, leading most notably to the founding of the Macro Recordings imprint with Stefan Goldmann and working as a buyer for the legendary Hard Wax store.


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