The Attic Podcast: 43. Sacha Mambo

As a DJ who expresses and exercises his freedom, Sacha Mambo aka MZKBX (real name Sacha Peinetti) goes many places, touching many genres, telling endless stories. For him, knowing music doesn't mean specialising in one particular style; it's far from this. Proof was made with Macadam Mambo imprint he co-runs alongside Guillaume des Bois. The label has achieved a nice international reputation in the underground scene, with a series of releases focused on electric Disco edits, Balearic Music, Chicago House and special electronic music.

DJ and digger for over 15 years, Sacha's musical culture touches a wide spectrum of influences. He has been resident at Le Sucre in Lyon (FR) for the last two years, where he puts into light his very particular style by playing afro, disco, acid, techno, rock or industrial, all behind the same roof.

Aside tons of smart edits he puts together for Macadam Mambo, Sacha is also a very respected producer known as MZKBX. Member of Karat Records, Skylax and Lyon new label That Place, his debut album From This Desire was released in 2014 on Karat. Showing a tribute to acid, dub, new beat and techno, it's a trans-generational and cosmic work who encloses the versatile world of the french producer.

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