Composers Corner Podcast: 16. Ana-Maria Avram

Romanian composer Ana-Maria Avram was affiliated with the spectral music style. She represents the Hyper-Spectral in contemporary avant-garde music.

In 1988 Ana-Maria Avram joined The Hyperion Ensemble, the Bucharest based group specialising in contemporary composition and spectral music founded in 1976 by Iancu Dumitrescu. She was also the artistic director of the Spectrum XXI festival which she founded to showcase innovative Romanian music.

Ana-Maria Avram composed around 130 works, including solo, chamber, orchestral, electronic and computer assisted music, and she released more than 25 collaborative albums with Dumitrescu on their label Edition Modern. Her music incorporates the outward semblences of abstraction of archetypal sound, achieving its full development in the synthesis of electroacoustic and instrumental sources.

Ana-Maria Avram passed away on August 1, 2017.

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