Lulu from Strange Sounds From Beyond on Failure

For me failure is the continuation of everyday actions. Like finished toiletpaper after a shit. A piece of kiwi that slips off your spoon. A stranger commenting on your looks. Misinterpretation. We are all telling some things, leaving out others while we emphasize narratives that seem relevant at that moment. Babbling and co-constructing, but even in a shared chronotope not entirely understanding.

Failure is founded when communication is at odd and when efforts go astray. What failure might be depends on subjectivity and expectations of success. Since, when do you fail to succeed? When do I fail to succeed? When do we collectively fail to succeed? It is those moments of collective failure that can be quite soothing, because people can share a state of displacement, moral infirmity and temporal moodedness.

And to quote Kathleen Stewart (2007): "People are collecting found objects snatched off the literal or metaphorical side of the road. Things that have dropped out of the loop or been left sagging somewhere are dragged home as if they are the literal residues of past dreaming practices. The snatching practice mixes a longing for a real world (or something) with the consumer?s little dream of spying a gem or tripping over a bargain. And in the mix, all kinds of other things are happening too."

Lulu is part of the team of the Dutch based music festival Strange Sounds From Beyond.

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