The Attic Podcast: Tse Tse Fly Middle East

Tse Tse Fly Middle East operates a positive diversity policy and has a fluid collective of experimental musicians and sound artists at its core, all of whom perform in the live environment.

Founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2015, Tse Tse Fly Middle East started life as the region's first ever sound art and experiments-in-noise platform. Now based in London, Tse Tse Fly Middle East is a registered Community Interest Company, a non-profit organisation that highlights human rights, censorship and social issues in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent via live experimental arts events, workshops and interventions.


  • BEY.LER.BEY - L' accent du chef
  • Nadah El Shazly - Afqid Adh-Dhakira
  • RadioKVM - Final Scene
  • Three Oscillators - Ghettobeat
  • Alien Panda Jury - FOCUS! SOLDIER!
  • Ayob Absi - Bellah Alek Wa Mostafer
  • MaaReach - Samvidhan
  • Yara Mekawei - The Seventh Orbit
  • Shorba - Ghaba
  • Tehransmission - Leaving the Planet
  • Deena Abdelwahed - #8#8#8
  • Mounaeir Kiers - Loop Number 10
  • Ithuba Loku Hlola - Chaos Unfolding The Natives Are Restless
  • Afrikence - Karabin
  • Ubu Kung - Women Ahellil
  • Sinin - Sagittarius

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