Alan Bishop Talks About Failure

Alan Bishop Talks About Failure

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Alan Bishop


November 22, 2017

1. About the Author

Alan Bishop is an American musician, known for being bassist and vocalist of the band Sun City Girls, along with his brother Richard Bishop and Charles Gocher (who passed away in 2007).

Alan Bishop also released solo material under the aliases Alvarius B. and Uncle Jim and is now a member of the Cairo-based band, The Invisible Hands, as well as the trio The Dwarfs of East Agouza. Along with Hisham Mayet, Alan is the co-founder of Sublime Frequencies, a record label focused on collating esoteric music and imagery from all over the world, most notably Southeast Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

In 1983, Bishop was traveling through Morocco when he became obsessed with all of the unusual and "exotic" sounds coming from his transistor radio. He recorded hours of broadcasts and later collaged them into "Radio Morocco," a very strange and compelling CD that was the birth of Bishop's Sublime Frequencies record label. Since then, he's released many recordings and videos of psych rock, traditional folk, ritual, and combinations of those from Indonesia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Syria, and dozens of other locations.

Here are his thoughts on the concept of failure.

2. A Failed Organism

Failure is failure. Fear, lack of confidence, denial or the refusal to recognize the evidence that one is imprisoned under hypnosis by the current global narrative - all examples of failure. And failure is celebrated by modern society because the population is socially engineered to fail and to celebrate and sympathize with failure. Failure is also ‘cool’ to many, something to almost aspire to. Humanity is often hailed as a successful enterprise yet humanity has failed as a species or as a respectable entity, simply for its continued slaughter of itself.

And what is human anyway? You cannot convince me that you know who or what is human when you either look in the mirror or walk out your door every day into the extended population. I have never met a soul in my entire life that I would think knows any more how this world works than I do. The bar is set pretty low for humans so if you do not feel the same, then you have obviously failed. There’s an old saying: It’s so easy to win in this world because too many people are willing to take the loss.

Many lost souls are very content in their willingness to fail. All popular forms of ‘success’ in the current state of affairs are examples of failure. It’s just that most have not figured it out yet. And so they fail, over and over and over again, all the while thinking that they are succeeding.

No one is immune to failure. I have failed many times and will fail again. But what I may recognize as failure may mean something else entirely to you. We all have our own perspectives yet that never prevented me from speaking my mind and pointing out how many of you have failed me.

You can fail me by not being very interesting or having a tepid personality and being too predictable, by being lazy and fearful, or resembling an old wooden fence post collecting bird shit and cow slobber, you know – those with no sense of humor who are so fucking PC – the stench of the ‘intellectual’. As someone once said, self-proclaimed intellectuals are the only ones who don’t realize they are idiots. Everyone else knows it.

Being afraid of failing is as good a definition of failure as there is. But should I presume that you are naïve and innocent of all these failures because I realize that you’ve been engineered to be this way? Nope. I’d be failing you if I did.

I would challenge you to UN-fail. I would push you to look in the mirror and recognize that right this moment you are a failed organism. And then I would encourage you to reboot that useless fucking hard-drive you may call a brain and delete your maggot-infested life-learned experiences so that you could build a more functional, powerful, fearless, self-educated new organism where you may be able to actually make a difference someday, somewhere, somehow. Otherwise you are doomed to fail. But I think I am much too hopeful. And have you noticed how most of the ‘developed’ northern countries on this globe resemble organized, highly obedient prison camps?

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