The Attic #002 - on Intergalactic FM (IFM 5 - The Garden)

The Attic #002 - on Intergalactic FM (IFM 5 - The Garden)


February 20, 2015

Welcome in the Attic. This Saturday, February 21st, starting 20.00 CET, stream on channel 5 / The Garden of Intergalactic FM for the second episode of The Attic. The theme for this edition is 'Trance'.

The Attic #002 enthusiastically invites the listeners to sonically explore a wide world of ambient music, hypnotic electronics, nostalgic psych-folk songs oddly melting meditative drones.

You will be hearing unreleased music from RVNG Intl, Enfant Terrible's sublabel Vrystaete, or Finders Keepers, and at some point, you may be interrupted by gems of Sun Ra, together with Egyptian master Salah Ragab, or Yousef Lateef.

Listen the show on the Intergalactic FM website. The first episode of the show is available for listen and/or download on the here.

Download The Attic #002 - Trance

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