Gavin Russom reveals the Hail of Arrows

Gavin Russom reveals the Hail of Arrows


March 3, 2015

New York based composer, artist, DJ and producer of electronic music Gavin Russom has recently released a double-cassette EP under the moniker 'Hail Of Arrows’. This is one of the most adventurous projects of the American producer, 'an uncompromising four-part synth drone odysessy about birds of prey reclaiming Manhattan Island and creating a civilization in the leftover buildings and landscape, free from human interference.'

The falcons re-settlement process in the urban environment, especially atop the nearby George Washington Bridge from New York, made Gavin think of the '81 movie "Wolfen", directed by Michael Wadleigh, which led him to create these 4 sonic visualisations. One of them can be watched on the right.

Check also Gavin Russom's mix for the Needle Exchange podcast series out on Self-Titled Mag.

Track list:

Tape 1 Side 1: Reclaiming the City, Banding Together
Tape 1 Side 2: Awakening in a Changed World, Exploring the Landscape, Knowing Freedom

Tape 2 Side 1: Forming Alliances among Animals, Protecting the Land
Tape 2 Side 2: Evolving into the Unknown, an Age Without Human Interference, Decolonization

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