Bandcamp pick of the week: Cambo - Patronage & Pork

Bandcamp pick of the week: Cambo - Patronage & Pork


April 13, 2015

New York based producer Cam Curran aka Cambo has recently released 'Patronage & Pork', a gritty but urbane electronica full of thumping bass and hypnotic beats across his lengthiest release to date.

This album arrives on Crash Symbols roughly a year and a half after his warped cassette debut for Further Records - where you'll also spot the debut for his Fossil project with SUS collaborator Phil Tortoroli, aka James Place.

Recorded in the guts of a pre-war brownstone while bouncing between jobs, 'Patronage & Pork' is looser and more experimental than the music Curran and Tortoroli release on SUS, but it shares in the kith's characteristic minimalism. If you're familiar with the Tortoroli's James Place recordings though, Cambo should seem like an even more colorful contrast.

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