RVNG presents new Helado Negro music

RVNG presents new Helado Negro music


March 24, 2017

Exploring the expressivity within intense states of being, Latinx identity and pluralistic sensibilities, Helado Negro’s Private Energy is an engrossing statement achieved through lyrically personal and political avant pop music.

Helado Negro’s galvanizing 2016 album Private Energy will be shared in expanded form, appearing on (double) vinyl for the first time alongside new CD and digital editions via RVNG Intl. Supplemented with three new “versions,” this iteration of Private Energy will deepen the feel of Helado Negro’s ongoing spectral and transmissive opus.

Watch Roberto's interstitial compilation of Private Energy’s four “Obras” in the video below comprised of three years wandering the world and compiled by the artist.

Private Energy carves a deep groove through the electronic music landscape, challenging to best Brooklyn-based artist Roberto Carlos Lange’s previous accomplishments under the Helado Negro moniker. Half a decade and half a dozen albums later since Helado Negro’s 2009 debut album Awe Owe, Lange has cultivated an untraditional approach to songcraft that places his voice on an adventurous musical impulse without shying from familiar pop appreciation.

Track list:
1. Calienta
2. Tartamundo
3. Obra Dos
4. Lengua Larga
5. Runaround
6. Young, Latin and Proud
7. Obra Tres
8. Transmission Listen
9. Personas Facil
10. Mi Mano
11. Obra Cuatro
12. It’s My Brown Skin
13. We Don’t Have Time For That
14. Obra Cinco
15. Runaround (Alternate Mix)
16. Young, Latin and Proud (December Mix)
17. Transmission Listen (Alternate Make)

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