Rebekah debuts on Soma Records with Fear Paralysis

Rebekah debuts on Soma Records with Fear Paralysis


May 2, 2017

Rebekah has consistently been one of the most ferocious and exciting Techno artists for some time and is currently riding high within the Soma ranks after debuting on the label back in 2015 with the audacious ‘Confined Heart EP’.

This album has certainly been a labour of love for Rebekah as uncertain times, musically, lead her to refocusing all her time and energy into developing her sound with the aim of creating a cleaner rhetoric than she was generally known for. The culmination of this process has found Rebekah returning to a simpler time where elements from the depths are explored thoroughly within Fear Paralysis.

Track list:
A1 – Intro
A2 – Breakfast With Jeff
A3 – Breathe
B1 – Requiem for a Dream
B2 – Tell Me Your Secrets
B3 – 1997 Reprise
C1 – Fear Paralysis
C2 – I Died A Thousand Times
D1 – Thirteen
D2 – Code Black
D3 – Later That Day

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